Heavy Commercial EDR course in Tulsa in July 2017

Synercon is looking into attending the Heavy Commercial EDR course in Tulsa in July of this year.

Is this course specifically designed for Synercon Technologies? Well, yes and no.

Our goal is two-fold.

1. Help you understand the digital communications taking place on the heavy vehicle networks so can become a better expert. This involves understanding J1939 communication, truck wiring schematics, RP1210 devices, and troubleshooting.

2. The other goal is to provide a mechanism for teaching customers or potential customers how to interface with the FLA and sensor simulators. The hands-on approach and access to the Smart Sensor Simulators enables the students to work with the different truck ECUs with a device of their choice. We cover Cummins Power Spec and DDEC Reports, too.

More news coming soon…