TruckCRYPT software is a system of programs that run on the Forensic Link Adapter (FLA) and the Synercon Technologies Server to interpret and secure heavy vehicle digital forensic data.

Current Version

Greetings! We at Synercon Technologies, are proud to announce the release of some important updates to the TruckCRYPT software system.

  • With this release, the Forensic Link Adapter can extract event data from Navistar MaxxForce engine control modules. These events may include two Speed Change records and two Last Stop records. The system can also extract and interpret over 400 data parameters including configuration, trip data, and engine life data. While not tested at the time of this release, it is believed to also work on newer CAT branded trucks with the adapted Navistar engines.
  • We have improved the reliability of the standards data extraction process. Standards data extractions should now get more data quickly and consistently.
  • An additional top level screen was added that enables a hardwired passthrough option for newer FLAs (serial numbers that end with 70 or above). This feature closes internal relays to directly connect the vehicle interface cable to the RP1210 device built into the FLA. In this mode, the FLA is no different than a DG Technologies DPA4 RP1210 Adapter. This will allow the operator to quickly put the FLA into passthrough mode for use as a vehicle diagnostic adapter, with no logging or forensic write-blocking performed. The existing mechanism for passthrough mode as part of a regular download process will continue to work as before.
Don’t forget to update your FLAs! As always, if you experience any issues, do not hesitate to contact us.

Subscription fee for the TruckCRYPT software service is $2000/year.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Software Release 1.3.1 Announcement

Software Release 1.3 Announcement

Software Release 1.2 Announcement

Software Release 1.0 Announcement


Multiple ECM support

Forensically sound data extraction and preservation

Designed for supporting digital forensic investigations

Consistent web-based reporting format across all ECMs

Hierarchical user management for larger organizations

Automatic record keeping for time

Raw hex data presentation for all data elements

Fast acquisition of digital data that reduces time in the field

No need to perform screen shots to capture critical data elements

Comma Separated Value (CSV) file downloads for all table data

GPS coordinates to street address translation for location aware downloads


  1. Automatic identification of ECM
  2. Peer-reviewed forensic storage mechanism
  3. Automatic hash of forensic data file
  4. GPS-based time and location stamps
  5. AES encrypted file storage
  6. Public/private key decryption enforces automatic hash storage
  7. Rapid web-based updates
  8. Rapid automatic download of data

ECMs with Speed Change Events

The TruckCRYPT software running on the Forensic Link Adapter captures all data available on ECMs that comply with the J1939 and J1587 standards. This means TruckCRYPT will capture basic information such as current vehicle mileage and engine hours on ALL trucks containing an ECM.

However, data related to speed change events (i.e. DDEC Hard Brake, Cat Quick Stop, and PACCAR Fast Stop) are available on the following ECMs:


  • ADEM 2000

Detroit Diesel

  • MBE900
  • MBE4000


  • MX-11
  • MX-13

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