RP 1210 Drivers

Download the FLA RP1210 Drivers with the link below:


The Forensic Link Adapter uses the DG Technologies eDPA RP1210 device. The drivers needed to run that devices are the DPA4 plus drivers that are available by this download. After installing these drivers, you’ll have the ability to select the Forensic Link Adapter by using the DGDPA4MA RP1210 Device. Be sure to put the FLA into the RP1210 mode first.

If you need ISO15765 support for running PACCAR DAVIE, then you must install this driver by unzipping the file, opening a command prompt (type cmd in the search bar under the start menu), navigate to the directory that you unzipped the files to using the cd command, then run the following command:

dpa4plus_rp1210.exe /d _ADD_ISO15765

FLA Preview Drivers

Windows 10

Installing the RNDIS driver published by Microsoft after plugging in the USB cable to the FLA. Here are the instructions with screenshots:
FLA RNDIS Driver on Windows 10.pdf.